Monday, November 14, 2016

Hello & welcome back to my blog!

As you have probably guess from the title, for todays post I am talking tiny terrariums. Or as I like to call it... plant-a-terrarium!

When I was in Melbourne a bit over a week ago, I headed up to the Dandenong ranges and one of my Aunties took me to a terrarium shop in Olinda called Little Lands. I briefly spoke about it in my previous post. Little Lands is the most beautiful plant shop. Oh, words can not explain enough about how in awe I am on there shops.

Where to buy... 
Now, I'm not expect on gardening or anything of the sorts, but, making terrariums is so easy. Especially if you have bought yourself a kit from Little Lands, which if you don't live anywhere near Melbourne, you can pick up on (and a marimo moss ball) from their Etsy store! 

The kit...
Above is the Little Lands terrarium starter kit and a bag of moss that I had purchased in store over a week and a half ago. The green moss is still perfect in it's plastic packet. I was worried that if I hadn't planted it straight away that it would die, but I haven't had to water it or give it any care at all!

The kit comes complete with the pebbles, charcoal, brown moss, dirt and two miniature mushrooms.

How to build a terrarium...
All you have to do is get some form of glass jar. It's best to start small, so with mine I started with by tiny glass jars with a cork from a $2 store. It only costs $2.50 for 3!

Start with a few pebbles...
Add a tiny amount of charcoal...
Wet you damp moss & squeeze out all the moisture and push it down on top of the pebbles and charcoal...
Then add a layer of dirt...

Voila! You're done!

All you have to do next is to place in your green moss, or any indoor plants and miniatures if you please.

Of course, you can build terrariums however you want... big or small, simple or full of little plants.

I purchased this little jar for $10 from a little shop in Olinda which has helped me to make my own. Isn't the bunny the cutest! 

This is one of the jars that I had created today with a teeny-tiny rose that my Aunty made with polymer clay. 

Caring for terrariums
Caring is a terrarium is very simple, I was told. And it's true! They are the easy thing to look after. They pretty much take care of themselves! 

If you have a terrarium with a cork lid, they keep themselves hydrated from the condensation & only need to be watered around 4 times a year (once a season). 

If you have one without a lid, then mist with water every once a week or so. 

You don't want the terrariums to be too dry, but also don't want them soaking in water. 

Here is what my lovely Aunty gave me... She had hand made these herself with polymer clay & I can't not wait to use them! Look at how beautiful the roses are! Thank you x

I hope you have enjoyed todays post just as much as I have! 

Happy planting! 

Love Em xx 

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