Tuesday, February 21, 2017

This post is all about the biggest blunder of a product that I bought back in 2014 called CasualCurl

This product was marketed so heavily and I used to see it everywhere. At the time it was the in-thing to have really long and loose curls, just like the Kardashians. 
So, of course, a lot of this product went a little viral. 

Alot of you tubers & bloggers where being sent the 'curler' for free and posting on reviews their channel & giving them away. Myself and probably many, many others where hooked and purchased the device. 

So, what it is?
CasualCurl is an attachment that you can easily plug onto your hairdryer. All you need to do is wrap a section of your hair around the frame (as you would with a curler) and turn on the dryer. The heat from the hair dryer comes out of the little holes and heats your hair up, making it 'curl' because of the way it is wrapped around the stick. 

I purchased mine as a bundle for around $50 and it came with two different sizes... The pink barrel is a thicker size, which makes larger curls, and the green barrel is for smaller curls. 

Long story short, I believe the product was developed by a couple of Australian Hairdressers who saw a market for the curler. I mean, the whole idea of having celebrity-style hair created at home was great in theory and was marketed so well... but it was a terrible, terrible product. 

Below is a video that Nikki Joy posted on the product, just so you can get the idea of what it actually does. And after you watch the video, keep scrolling for a good laugh. 

My experience 
Like I said, I purchased this product back in 2014 for $50 for 2 barrels. 
Over 3 years have passed and I have only used the attachment twice... defiantly a waste of money! 

I was thrilled when I first received the product. It was marketed so well, it came packaged beautifully, it was a great price (at the time), the attachment looked great and it seemed super quick and simple to use. 

On first go, I completely messed up because I was so excited to try the CasualCurl. I jumped into the shower, gave my hair a wash and put it straight into my hair. As usual, I don't read instructions which clearly started NOT to use on wet hair. Which I quickly learnt why... 

Yep. My hair was so tangled in the CasualCurl that I literally had to CUT IT OUT. 

I was terrified! I spent almost 2 hours trying to do anything to get it out. I tried drying it and untangling it. Nothing worked- which led me to the result in using scissors. I had a HUGE chunk of hair missing from underneath my left ear. Thankfully, it wasn't on top of my head.  

Maybe around 6 months later, I did give the curler another go. And on dry hair!

I tried doing a tutorial for this blog- but it didn't work out, which was no surprise for me! 
I did take this photo with for my post Fishtail Dutch Braid and you can see from the photos just how poor the product worked.

Basically, it did give off a small amount of 'curl' but it did not last. As soon as your hair would cool down or be attacked by wind, any form of shape would be gone. 

I tried doing a little research on CasualCurl and have noticed that the site was still up but there is nothing available for sale on it. There instagram (@casualcurl) is still active but haven't posted since November 2015. And there is still massive amount of videos on Youtube about it. For the product to not be available for sale... something would have gone wrong for sure. 

Out of all the things that I have purchased over the years... this by far has been the worst product & biggest waste of money. 

I was a little afraid when I first bought a beauty blender, but it worked out great. And now I have the latest trending beauty product... the silicon blender on the way. Let's hope it's a good one! And I will defiantly write a review on it once I have it. 

But I did get my hair done today & loving it!! 
AND I did't have a panic attack when I was there. So two thumbs up!

 I still can not believe that I purchased CasualCurl over 3 years ago & have finally wrote a post about it. 
Hopefully it was worth the wait! 

Much Love, 

                                  Emily x

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