Monday, March 27, 2017

Hi there! Oh, this post is so exciting. I first purchased the 'silicon' blender on February 21st and it has finally arrived!

I decided from the moment that I purchased the silli-sponge that I would do a complete review of the product. I mean, it's literally a sponge made of silicon. And everyone has gone crazy over this trending product. So I am going to be doing a complete & very honest review!

Firstly, I found it very surprising that a silicone sponge had been developed in Brisbane, Australia. This product was something that I believe was originated in the US or Korea. I'm leaning more towards Korea since alot of the new 'instagram' famous product are launching from. But for someone to develop this product in Brisbane- very weird. 

I first found the Korah Miracle beauty blender as an ad on Facebook and had seen that it was advertised for 40% off and with free shipping- which the total cost of the product was $12.60. I was very skeptical and was unsure if I should spend money on something that I am not receive or could even be a scam. Free shipping and 40% off is a very easy way to get people to buy your product. But it was real anyway! 

So I ordered the blender on Tuesday the 21st of February and I was sent my receipt and an email to say that my order would be sent in early March. 

On March 14th I ended up emailing Korah to let them know that I have not received my purchased and I had a reply to say that it would be sent soon. About 2 weeks before that I had a laugh about it and thought that I had invested into a scam. But, fortuneuly, it wasn't a scam and I did finally recieve it on Friday 24th March. Just over a month after I purchased the beauty blender. 

Ok, so I did say that I was going to be honest. After waiting over a month for a product that I didn't think I was going to recieve, I was a little disappointed to see that it arrived in a very standard, filmsy looking envelope. 
All it had was the Korah Beauty address printed on the top left corner and my address on the front. 

I opened up the package and inside was the silicone blender in a foiled sealy bag case and a thankyou card and that was all. I was very surprised that it did not have a printed receipt of the order inside the bag because I have never bought anything online didn't have a receipt within the packaging. 

Overall: I expected the packaging to be a bit better but I can understand the high demands that the company must be trying to produce a crazy amount of orders. 

When I first opened the package of the blender- It was exactly what I thought it would be. 

The exact shape & size and squishy-ness was exact. The blender is surprisly very squishy. I thought it might be quite easy to tear the product but it's very durable. 

I was too excited to wait to do a full face of foundation, so I tried a little bit just to patch up and see how it blends out. 

The one thing that I loved about the original beauty blender is that it you are blending the product with water and I think that really helps make the make blend easier. 

I took the tiniest amount of foundation and applied onto the back on my hand and had a little play with it. Everyone has said that because it's not a sponge that you only need to use the tiniest amount of makeup because its not absorbing the product. Which, if this work, I can see myself saving alot of money on foundation and concealer because I would be getting more bang for my buck out of it. 

I was really impressed with how easy it was the blend. Alot of people have found it a but odd using something of that shape and was unsure if to dab or to slide it around but I was super impressed!

I only applied that tiny amount to my forehead and around my mouth and chin and I had a full coverage and still had a heap of product left on the silicone blender (as you can see above). When there is product left on the blender it means that you have used too much. So start small and gradually apply more if needed. Otherwise, you are just smudging the product around instead of soft dabs to let it stick onto your skin. 

It defiantly is going to take some getting used to. But very happy!

The website states of how easy it is to clean the blender as it 'just washed off'. I tried this and  found that it was just pushing the foundation around. But if you use the tiniest amount of makeup remover wash or even a cloth- it comes right off. So I was defiantly impressed with how easy it is to clean & it seems alot more hygienic as it isn't carrying old makeup inside of it. 

Once it was cleaned- it looked brand new again. 

Yay or nay?
I actually really liked the 'Crystal Teardrop Miracle Blender'! 

This was surprising because after the delay in the order of the product to receiving it, I was very unimpressed and wanted to not like it. I thought It would be something that I would just use it once to try- but it I am definite that it's something that I am going to use daily. 

I did use the blender again this morning only to apply a little bit of concealer on my spots and I was very happy again with the application. 

After a couple of days...
Today is Monday and I received the silicone beauty blender 4 days ago. Since then I have touched up my face on Friday, used only a little bit on concealer on Saturday, and have done a full face on Sunday and today. So far it has been great and I have loved it. I am still haven't got the hang of using such a minimal amount of foundation, so the last 2 days I have been putting alot back into the bottle. Which is great- because it means I'm saving!! BUT... I have noticed on the side of the blender where it is sealed that a small area has come undone and is holding a small amount of product in the little pocket. 
It's not too much of an issue, and it could possibly just be something that has happened to mine. But I'll update you on if it gets bigger or needs replacing. It's a little bit disappointing that it has unsealed after owning for such a short amount of time- but will see what happens. 

Otherwise I am super dooper happy!


If you live in Australia and are interested in buying the blender- head to Korah Beauty either on facebook, instagram or their website. I posted a photo of the 'thankyou'card where there is a 10% code if you wanted to save a little bit! 

I hope you enjoyed this post! 

Let me know what you think in the comment box below. 

With love, 
                                           Emily xx 

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