Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Over the weekend I went to a vintage markets and picked up a couple of items of clothing for around $5 each!

I haven't been to a market like this in over a year and a half because they always fall on a Sunday & I work every Sunday... But over the weekend I had a weekend exam, so I took work off on Sunday & headed down to the stalls for a quick sneaky study break. 

This post is basically what I wear over winter & features the items that I picked up for cheap at the vintage markets. 

I live on the Gold Coast, Australia and it doesn't get very cold at all. This makes dressing for winter hard for me because I want to have nice clothing for winter, but theres really no point. Which means that I live in a pair of black jeans, a denim jacket and a khaki coat.... I've had the coat & jacket for years on years and I just replace the black jeans maybe twice a year. But as long as I always have those basics- that's all I ever need.  


Khaki Jacket & white singlet 
This outfit is one of my favourites. I have a couple of pretty little tops like this and I live in them. White is great because it's refreshing & it breaks up the colours. 

I have owned this jacket for years... The top is from Sports Girl that I picked up for $5! And I've paired it with black jeans & Seed shoes which I picked up (brand new) for only $10.

Denim jacket & big jumper  
I love love love big, oversized jumpers. Especially when you throw on a denim jacket on too. 
I picked up this spotty number for only $15. 

The cain basket & red top
How beautiful is this basket?! I picked it up at the markets for only $25! 
I had people coming up to me commenting on the basket and saying "ohhh... did you buy the  basket? I was eyeing that off." Well, first in-best dressed! 

I think it will be perfect for taking to the farmers markets & when for taking to the beach when it gets a bit warmer. Oh, I just love it. 

The red little top, that you can see below, is MinkPink & also I picked it up for $5.

Scrunchie & skirt 
I don't think I have ever gotten over wearing a big ol' scrunch!
Now that my hair had grown out a big from the bob- I can tie it up again. Yay. 

The skirt is by Country Road that was the last thing that I bought for $5. I don't usually wear much colours, but I have a couple of skirts like this and they are so flattering. And this one has cute little pockets. It would look super cute with a denim jacket, too. 


I haven't posted anything like this before... So I hope you enjoyed the post. 

I'm on holidays now, so look forward to plenty more posts to come! 

Big Love, Em xx

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