Thursday, August 31, 2017

I have been super good lately & not buying any new clothing. Since moving into my new home back in March- I have only purchased one pair of mom jeans that I picked up for $20 & the gingham top that's featured below... 
The whole 'saving money' thing has resulted in me re-wearing and falling back in love with items in my wardrobe. 

I must admit- it's been quite frustrating at times and had caused me to slip into tantrums screaming "I have nothing to wear!!" But what I put it down to is that it's still winter and because winter isn't that cold in Australia, I own hardly anything warm. Which means that I end up wearing black jeans with some kind of t-shirt every day of the week. Boring!

Here are a couple of the outfits that I have been wearing (no tees & jeans!)

The gingham top 
Can you believe that this is the only piece of clothing that I have bought in 3 months?!
I have been loving that the gingham print is back in style. I couldn't resist getting this piece from the Miss Shop at Myer as it is exactly like my white singlet below. I love how big & balloon-y the top is. I know that the style isn't for everything- but I don't usually like wearing tight fitting tops. It's a win for me!

How annoying... I bought this a couple of days ago for $39.99 and a 10% off student discount & now it's on sale for $23.97... Of course that happens!

Embroidered Singlet
I am a sucker for any white top with a little bit of embroidery or lace detailing! 
I picked up this piece from Sportsgirl back in 2015 for around $20 and have only just started to wear it. Once again- I love that its big and floaty... it has a summer feel about it. 

The denim mini
I am in LOVE with this denim dress!!
I got this from Dotti back in Summer 2016 & I still adore it. This is my go-to weekend look-paired with my black saltwater sandals & little hat. 

Off the shoulders jumpsuit
This piece is from Princess Polly. 
I love that it is a little different... It's an off the should jump suit with culotte cropped legs- that make it super comfortable and flattering. And it has pockets! Plus I sometimes wear it with the shoulders off as a tube top. I pair with a a big pair of hoops & chunky heels. 

 White off the shoulders
I told you I love white tops with detailing! I bought this top in the summer of 2015 and it's an off the should piece from Universal Store. I love that it is double layered, super flow-y yet very delicate & pretty. Perfect tucked in or on it's own. 

I hope that you enjoyed this post! 
Hopefully there will be another one up again soon. 

Much love, Em xx

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